The best bidding platform for developers
Make the bidding process more efficient.
Choose the right consultants and contractors.
Improve your budget and schedule management.
Bidding automation with consultants and contractors
Simplify collaboration and make the bidding process more efficient and profitable. Get the insights you need to choose the right consultants and contractors for your project.

Plan which professionals you need to hire and easily track progress
Invite consultants and contractors, track real-time responses, manage RFIs and receive bid proposals
Line-by-line quantitative and qualitative comparison to highlight anomalies, possible errors, missing prices, and important comments
Plan your project
Bid management
Powerful bid comparison and analysis
Discover the best consultants and contractors for your project
Automatically track response rates, win rates, and execution performance
Fast-growing online construction network
Consultant analytics
Better tools for more profitable projects
Budget and execution tracking
Easily track execution progress and ensure you stay on budget
Schedule management
Effortlessly manage your project schedule with a visual and easy to use scheduling tool
Document management and file sharing
Manage documents and file versions and easily share with project stakeholders
Boost collaboration with stakeholders
Manage transmittals, submittals, RFIs, and change orders to improve project management, collaboration and transparency
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