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In addition, advanced estimating tools, send bid invites, indirect costs and profit loading, data analytical capabilities, scheduling and pre-contract management and more
In addition, manage your sales pipeline, issue proposals, perform estimate, increase your visibility and exposure on ConWize's network to get more bid invites
Get bid invites from GCs you work with, send proposals, deadline reminders, track proposal status, build company profile
For organizations that need additional capabilities
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Gain control of your
sales pipeline
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Move your bidding and estimating activity to an easy-to-use platform on the cloud. Whether you are a small or large organization, choose the plan that fits the best your business needs.
Get bid invites
RFI communication
Deadline reminders
Send quotes
Track bids statuses
Build company profile
Tenders / Sales pipeline management
Perform estimates
Automatic reminders and bid calendar
Visibility on ConWize's network
Issue proposals
Bid analytics
Documents managment
Send bid invites to subcontractors & suppliers
Quotes compare and analysis
Advanced estimating tools
Indirect costs and profit loading tools
Estimation KPIs Analysis
Project shift from tender to execution stage
Visual scheduling module
Pre-contracts managemnt
Contracts budget and execution management
Cloud storage included
Phone / Email
Support options customized to company's needs
Support options customized to company's needs
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