Gain control of your sales pipeline
Answering bids and managing your sales pipeline is simple with Conwize's intuitive platform. Work faster, more efficiently and choose projects more wisely.
Fast-growing online construction network
Increase your visibility and exposure, and get discovered by the companies you aspire to work with
Bid invites
Never miss another tender deadline
With lots of bids to answer and urgent submissions, deadlines can be easy to miss. Let Conwize help keep you on track with automatic reminders and a bid calendar that lets you see all tender deadlines at a glance.

Build a profile. Gain exposure. Grow a relationship.
Increase your visibility and exposure by building your company profile. Get discovered by the companies you aspire to work with in ConWize's advanced search engine.
Submit better bids
Real-time bid analytics help you analyze your win rates and make more informed decisions on how to improve performance and better allocate resources to win more bids.
Bidding automation with subcontractors
Intuitive bidding tools create new collaboration possibilities that make it easy for larger subcontractors to make their bidding processes with subcontractors and suppliers more efficient and profitable.
Tailored to your needs
No matter what type of subcontractor you are, or how big your business is, Conwize has the perfect plan to help you meet your estimating needs
Estimate projects more accurately and win more tenders
Estimating construction projects is complex and time consuming. Overlooked errors can result in losing tenders, or throw you off budget in the execution phase. Conwize simplifies the bidding and estimation process in the tender phase, to protect your company against crucial mistakes, so you can win more tenders, and execute them profitably.
All-in-one bidding and estimating platform for tender departments
It's time to get out of excel and use Conwize's comprehensive platform to help you manage tenders more effectively and efficiently than ever.
Mitigate risks and errors
Conwize helps you mitigate risks and find errors during the tender phase. Its workflow automation structures the estimation process, improves accuracy and cost-estimating performance.
Maximize your resources
Answering tenders is time consuming. We understand that your resources are limited. Conwize helps you save time and money so that you can submit more tenders.
Data-driven decision making
Conwize's unique algorithms help analyze KPIs to help you make more informed decisions, mitigate risks and constantly self-improve estimates.
Bidding automation for transparent collaboration
Conwize creates new collaboration and transparency possibilities that fosters better partnerships with subcontractors and suppliers in both the tender and execution phases.
Estimate projects and manage execution
in one platform
We know that the bottom line of projects is profitability. Conwize seamlessly connects the tender and execution phases to help project managers better understand their projects and maximize control of their budget. Conwize's pre-contract management tools enable better contract negotiation and Conwize's visual scheduling model helps keep your construction project on schedule. One platform does it all.
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